Educator uses Digital Storytelling as an Effective Instructional tool


Digital Storytelling is the blend of traditional storytelling with 21st century digital tools.

A variety of technical tools such as multimedia software and digital cameras can be use to create digital story . Any user today with a computer knowledge easily create a digital story with the help of technical tools .  21st Century educator and learner using digital story worldwide every day. The benefit of Digital storytelling has already been recognize by Educator as the digital tools from which Learners may choose their imagination expression and meaningful content can be derive with the help of this tools .

Students learn new tools, edit video, choose images, make voiceover narration, add music, create title screens, and control flow and transitions. It can include interactive features for “reader” participation. Easily click on imagery or text in order to choose what will happen next, or navigate to online content. Students can create their own digital stories to participate in presentation of a project work. They have to analyze and present the data in a catchy manner. Through the creations of these stories student are required to take the lead for presenting the stories and the benefits that they can receive from it can be quite plentiful which help them to gain higher level of thinking skills also for those student who feel shy in class will be able to express themselves of their own thoughts and ideas. When student participate to collect data, analyzing, designing, creating and presenting their own digital stories they can easily develop literacy skills, gain interview, develop critical thinking skills, Improve writing and editing skills, interpersonal, problem-solving and assessment skills, presentation skills through the presentation of the story to an audience which will help them to sustain in future.

Many Teacher use digital storytelling to present assignment, project or any content area, and can also let their students make their own digital stories and then share them. Some Teacher use digital stories to ease class discussions and to introduce a new topic or to help student for better understanding of the new topic. These stories can become an essential part of any subject areas.

Many Educator uses Digital Storytelling as an Effective Instructional tool. Some of the best tools for digital story telling for Teacher as follows :-

1. Apple imovie











Beautiful story can be made using the  storyboard/ sequence of images that you want to use for assignment and organize these images and all your audio elements. Which will give a good effect in your story. Allow user to export the story.

3. Microsoft photo story 3












It  allows users to create a digital story from their digital photos and user can add  narration, effects, transitions and background music.

4.Adobe Photoshop Element 13


photoshop element








Allows users to create, edit, organize and share images. Allow user to transform photo into there vision.


6. Windows Movie Maker 12













Allow user to create , edit, add audio and  to publish from Movie maker to web and share them.


7. Storybird

story board







story board1








Allow educator to build creative digital story which can be easily use in classroom of any size also of any subject , Both student and Teacher get engage , Student work can be share with other students. Best thing it is free for Teachers.


8. VoiceThread








VoiceThread is a cloud application, Allow user to Upload, share and discuss documents, presentations, images, audio files and videos.





















Here student can use there imagination to create  own stories from scratch , some of the starter story can be used as a template to start a story.


9. Animoto








Easy to use and make videos upto 20 minutes long and engaging student











ScreenChomp allow students to use the iPad to analyze and annotate over pictures or use it as a whiteboard.










Allow Teacher to share video lessons with students in a safe and private classroom also student to share thoughts with other students , Spend more time engaging students one-on-one. Cloud based application anytime anywhere access.


12. moovly









Student can enhance creative skills using the animated video learn new subject and explore their ideas and thinking skills to build the digital story and share them











Collaborate with your student easily , Animated in build features let you to make digital story in less than 5 minutes and publish it with a ease and share them. Give and receive important feedback without leaving the video.






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