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How to handle stress during exams

In competitive world all of us running after good grades to achieve in examination that can be a stressful experience with the rising pressures of scoring marks. Students are judged on the basis of their performance in examinations which adds to the pressure. Being stressed however could result negatively affect you for your exam. Here […]

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Educator uses Digital Storytelling as an Effective Instructional tool

Digital Storytelling is the blend of traditional storytelling with 21st century digital tools. A variety of technical tools such as multimedia software and digital cameras can be use to create digital story . Any user today with a computer knowledge easily create a digital story with the help of technical tools .  21st Century educator […]

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Young student doing homework.

Tips to achieve exam success

1. Give yourself enough time to Learn Don’t wait until the last moment of your exam. While some students do seem to proceed on last-moment ‘cramming’, it’s widely accepted that for most of us, this is not the best way to approach an exam. Planout a time table for your exam preparation. Note down how many […]

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Smartphones apps trends may decrease development of social skills

Recent trend of mobile media use by student decreases a student’s development of out of box thinking skills and social skills also swap the amount of time spent engaging in direct peer – peer interaction. This information provided from the Boston University’s School of Medicine in the US. This days rapid spread of mobile devices […]

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Student-centred learning

In traditional education methodologies, teacher serve as the hub of education, guiding the learning process and controlling student’s access to information. Student-centred learning allows student to actively participate in team Learning also knows as cooperative learning¸ this is one of many ways used to get students to be responsible for their own learning (Felder et […]

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Math problem can be solve quickly with an app

If you are afraid by Math, stop worrying about your math subject. This app will make math whole lot easier. It will help you rapidly and correctly get over calculations called PhotoMath, it is the world’s first calculator using camera can be called “Smart camera calculator” and it is a free mobile app, can be […]

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Secure your password

Best way to Secure your credentials by using strong password not easy-to-guess

Tips to make your password secure and strong 1.Use upper and Lower case letters with a combination of numbers and symbols. 2.Make your password long, minimum 12 characters. 3.Don’t use same password for different accounts login

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Amy Lawson

Learning is a skill and it can be improved.

IMPROVE YOUR LEARNING SKILLS Learning Skills is an active dynamic process and it can be improved. Anyone can develop their memory and learning ability if guided through proper educator  which act as a facilator. Identifying your own learning style and the methods that work for you is key. Better functioning of your brain depend upon […]

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