Math problem can be solve quickly with an app


If you are afraid by Math, stop worrying about your math subject. This app will make math whole lot easier. It will help you rapidly and correctly get over calculations called PhotoMath, it is the world’s first calculator using camera can be called “Smart camera calculator” and it is a free mobile app, can be downloaded from Apple’s iStore for free.

PhotoMath reads data from the user’s input of scan of a maths equation and solves mathematical problem by using the camera of your mobile device and processes it to respond immediately to user input. It makes math whole lot simple and easy by educating learners how to solve math problems. PhotoMath can support features like Arithmetic expressions , Fractions & decimals , Powers & roots ,Simple linear equations. PhotoMath Technology built-in mathematical algorithms helps to process the mathematical equation instantly without any delay from server respond as it happen with other apps. PhotoMath doesn’t require any internet connection to run on and it work on offline mode so even if you don’t have internet connection in your smart phone it can still solve your math problem immediately.

London –based firm Microblink built and developed the PhotoMath , can be downloaded from Apple’s iStore for free. The app is best to be used for iPhone and iPod.





Traditional teaching of chalk and board has advance to technology way of teaching , with the use of technology in betterment of education not only help students and educators to collaborate with each other but to engage more student with the use of technology in teaching . Many apps helps educators and student to easy of their task within a click of a mouse . Specially student always find some solutions to get their homework done by others for example , student s always try to seek help from their friend to get homework done specially if they aren’t good enough in math this app will help them to solve problem if they don’t get any instant help from their friend , some educator may take it as illegal and may restrict it from using it but student always find a way to get their homework done. Student of grade 8th and 9th may find useful to get good score for Math.


Let’s start the discussion is it cheating for doing your homework with the help of PhotoMath or not? Please do provide your valuable opinions .

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