Smartphones apps trends may decrease development of social skills


Recent trend of mobile media use by student decreases a student’s development of out of box thinking skills and social skills also swap the amount of time spent engaging in direct peer – peer interaction. This information provided from the Boston University’s School of Medicine in the US.
This days rapid spread of mobile devices are everywhere and maximum student are using them more frequently at early stage of development of language, communications skills ,problem solving skills , analytics skills and social skills which usually obtained by exploring, practical oriented and one to one interacting with peers


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Study done by the Boston University’s School of medicine in the US that “These devices also may replace the hands-on activities important for the development of sensorimotor and visual-motor skills, which are important for the learning and application of math and science,”

Smartphones apps trends may decrease development of social skills.Most of us aware that a child learns best through hands-on and face-to-face experiences. But we don’t know the exact effects of interactive mobile devices which could spoil the brain development phase of a young student which is in a stage of learning and exploring new things throughout the study stage which is more important for their future . To be safe side Parents and Teachers should try each application before allowing their child or student to access it. If it’s good for learning, Teachers should use these applications with their students as using interactive media together enhances its educational value. Best practice we shouldn’t keep any unwanted apps in our mobile nor in student mobile so that they don’t get access to it and can spend more time in practical hands-on instead of mobile apps.

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