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Using Quizzes in Teaching and Learning

Quizzes can be used by educator to keep student engage in learning and to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, intelligence and skills. Educator can give score to student as well in quiz session and many quizzes are designed to determine a winner from a group of student- usually the student with the highest score

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Student-centred learning

In traditional education methodologies, teacher serve as the hub of education, guiding the learning process and controlling student’s access to information. Student-centred learning allows student to actively participate in team Learning also knows as cooperative learning¸ this is one of many ways used to get students to be responsible for their own learning (Felder et […]

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Free Classroom apps for education by Google Apps

Free Classroom apps for education by Google Apps : More teaching, less tech-ing Google Classroom is a new an innovative free tools for Schools, classroom contains no ads, never uses your content or student data for advertising purposes, and is free for education. Google’s Classroom is a blend of free tools with Google Drive, Docs […]

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