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Educator uses Digital Storytelling as an Effective Instructional tool

Digital Storytelling is the blend of traditional storytelling with 21st century digital tools. A variety of technical tools such as multimedia software and digital cameras can be use to create digital story . Any user today with a computer knowledge easily create a digital story with the help of technical tools .  21st Century educator […]

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Using Quizzes in Teaching and Learning

Quizzes can be used by educator to keep student engage in learning and to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, intelligence and skills. Educator can give score to student as well in quiz session and many quizzes are designed to determine a winner from a group of student- usually the student with the highest score

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Educator using free Skype as a tool for learning

Free Skype’s tool can connect you to others within a click of a mouse, which makes connecting with each other smoothly than ever before. Educators around the world using Skype as a videoconferencing tool to connect foreign-language students to endemic speaker also Skype allows learner to communicate by voice, instant messaging over the internet and […]

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Free Classroom apps for education by Google Apps

Free Classroom apps for education by Google Apps : More teaching, less tech-ing Google Classroom is a new an innovative free tools for Schools, classroom contains no ads, never uses your content or student data for advertising purposes, and is free for education. Google’s Classroom is a blend of free tools with Google Drive, Docs […]

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Presentation tools

Best Free Tools for Teachers to create incredible Presentation to engaged Students

Keeping your students engaged is hard. Creating presentations and Slideshows is required for educator and students in classroom. Teachers they do use PowerPoint program only to create presentations.

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